research questions!

It's been a little while since I updated in this space, but I've been hard at work formalizing my goals and hypothesis. As a part of that, I've locked down my guiding research questions; and am sharing them here. If you have any feedback, please let me know!

The questions divide my work into two categories: communication and social structures. 

Communication: What are existing successful and unsuccessful communication models in design education and design practice?
Social Structures: What are existing social structures whose members participate for non-fiscal motivations, and what are the characteristics of these structures?

These questions feed into my working hypothesis:

Fundamental differences exist between academic design and practicing design. Rather than mourn these disparities, we can choose to celebrate them and take advantage of them. A focus on identifying contextual advantages between loci can, and should, be leveraged to enable increased levels of individual agency for the three foundational execution spheres of the design community: education, learning, and practice. There is an opportunity to enable connections and conversations between currently-siloed members of the community, enhancing their efficacy, and, by extension, design as a holistic practice.

Things are about to get crazy around here, but it's good to be off and running!