Hunter Cattle is a family-owned farm in Brooklet, GA., focusing exclusively on grassfed and pastured cattle, chickens, lamb and pork, all raised in authentic and sustainable ways.

Founded in 2004, the family have never had the opportunity to lay out their farm as a business, or to understand themselves and their values. They have grown exponentially based on a highly relational model (they have personal relationships with every one of their major clients), but this has presented some organizational challenges.

My role in this project was as research team lead, one of two copywriter/editors responsible for all copy, project management, photography, and industrial design. This class presented a unique opportunity for the eighteen students, who hailed from business, service design, motion media, design management, industrial design, and sustainable design.

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We worked with Hunter Cattle to research everything about the organization, from internal practices to graphic standards to production processes to influencing trends. We came to know Hunter Cattle as well as the family, and turned this research into five books, a redesign of their farmer's market presence, a new set of wayfinding and infographics for their on-farm educational tours,  and a number of other items.

We presented both at the farm itself and at a graduation show at SCAD– creating posters and installations to document our process and deliverables.

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A central theme in our research was branding and business practices, and how to enable Hunter Cattle to engage in these concepts without losing themselves in unnecessary jargon. The brand guideline book is one of the results of that–a guiding and explanatory document designed to demystify branding and show how to apply brand understanding to everyday practices.


Our research process took five weeks, leaving four more weeks for analysis, concepting and prototyping using a variety of tools. We borrowed from service design, industrial design and graphic design in the creation of our prototypes, executing both tangible and intangible deliverables ranging from new packaging to a stand for the farmers' market to a brand graphic styleguide.